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Bill Cosby Updates: Charged With Sexual Assault, Everything You Need To Know

Bill Cosby Updates: Charged With Sexual Assault, Everything You Need To Know
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Bill Cosby Updates: Charged With Sexual Assault, Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about Bill Cosby and his case.

Bill Cosby Updates: Bill Cosby faced a brief arraignment last Wednesday relating to his sexual assault case. The district attorneys resurfaced the previous evidence from his 2005 law suit filed by Andrea Costand and provided for new evidence. After which, the judge from Montgomery County posted a $1 million bail, sent him for mandatory booking at the Cheltenham Township police station, and accordingly, the comedian paid for his bail. What really went down against several sexual assaults thrown at the famous comedian?

Considered a television legend, the “I Spy” comedian, Bill Cosby, has made a name out of himself in the world of entertainment. In fact, the 79-year old had built up a reputation as one of the most successful comedians of all time starring in other shows such as “The Cosby Show,” “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids,” and “Cosby.”

Despite his reputable image as a family man, Cosby’s name was tainted when Andrea Costand and several other women went public with accusations of sexual assault. The said accusations claimed that the comedian allegedly drugged these women to get them to sleep with him.

Last 2004, roughly 12 years ago, the charge by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office was nullified due to a lack of evidence against him. However, the district attorneys at present claimed that a new evidence had surface which, in turn, led to Cosby being set for hearing with three felony charges of aggravated incident assault, reported CNN.

Said ‘new evidence’ according to Montgomery County prosecutor, Kevin Steele, came from court documents that were connected to a civil suit that Costand filed against him after prosecutors declined to seek charges against him.

Furthermore, the probable cause affidavit filed by investigators this week indicated that he “sought to incapacitate” Costand, the complainant, by inducing her a mix of pills and wine that led to her drifting awake and asleep as he had sexual intercourse with the female.

After the charge had been set at the Pennsylvania courtroom, Cosby’s attorneys released a statement after his arraignment last Wednesday which stated, “The charge by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office came as no surprise, filed 12 years after the alleged incident and coming on the heels of a hotly contested election for this county’s DA during which this case was made the focal point. Make no mistake, we intend to mount a vigorous defense against this unjustified charge and we expect that Mr. Cosby will be exonerated by a court of law.”

According to ABC News, when the arraignment was ongoing, the “I Spy” comedian seemed fragile as he appeared to be guided by a cane and was even accompanied to his seat which showed that he had trouble seeing things clearly. Furthermore, it was also stated that he denied the allegations that were thrown at him and maintained his innocent stand. However, he did not enter plea during the said arraignment and even surrendered his passport to the authorities.

When asked about why it took 12 years to re-open the case, Steele stated during a press conference Wednesday morning, “We examined all the evidence and we made this determination because it was the right thing to do.”

If Bill Cosby was to be convicted of three felony charges of aggravated incident assault, the “I Spy” comedian will face up to 10 years in federal prison and imposed with a $250,000 fine.

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