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Bill Clinton Raping 13-year-old: Russia In Possession Of Secret Israeli Intelligence Video, Report

Bill Clinton Raping 13-year-old: Russia In Possession Of Secret Israeli Intelligence Video, Report
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Bill Clinton Raping 13-year-old: Russia In Possession Of Secret Israeli Intelligence Video, Report

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is in the news for allegedly keeping secret, with the help of American mainstream media, an Israeli intelligence video that reveals former president Bill Clinton raping a 13-year-old girl.

Israel’s Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations (MOSSAD) “Clothing Shop Network” is being attributed as the creator of the video. According to, Clothing Shop Network was originated by Leslie Wexner, who hired billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in 1982 “by providing him with an estimated $1 billion to establish a private financial firm named J. Epstein & Company.”

The actual purpose of the firm, as the website notes, was to let Epstein get familiarized with the American political elites.

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By doing so, as highlighted in a report by the Foreign Intelligence Service, Epstein was able to ensnare his victims – allowing them to “fulfill” their most “deviant sexual fantasies” – and secretly videoing them for the “purpose of blackmail.”

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton, who was informed by the Clothing Shop Network that they caught her husband on record, masterminded a plot to frame Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as a “straw man.” This plot also included America’s mainstream media giving the New York City billionaire builder $3 billion in free media advertising, enabling him to become a nominee for the Republican party.

Trump was chosen to be their “straw man” because of his knowledge of Epstein. However, Trump had never been involved in the crimes that Epstein and Bill Clinton have been accused of.

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According to Miami Police Detective Mike Fisten, “in hundreds of interviews with hundreds of witnesses, no one has ever identified Trump as being involved in any kind of sexual activity with underage girls.”

The Political Insider reports that the video of the incident involving Bill Clinton raping a 13-year-old occurred at Epstein’s “Orgy Island,” which the former president is said to have visited at least 26 times.

However, in an attempt to debunk the claim that there is a secret Israeli video, Snopes dismissed the news, saying, is “a purveyor of fabricated conspiracy news — information that is, unfortunately, all too often aggregated by numerous bottom-feeding web sites and spread by social media users unaware of its source.”

The article, Snopes further notes, is a “fake Sorcha Faal report that weaves actual events into fabricated narratives of ominous political happenings.”

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