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Bill Clinton Raped Countless Women: Shocking List Revealed, Hillary Clinton Tried To Cover Up Scandal – Report

Bill Clinton Raped Countless Women: Shocking List Revealed, Hillary Clinton Tried To Cover Up Scandal – Report
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Bill Clinton Raped Countless Women: Shocking List Revealed, Hillary Clinton Tried To Cover Up Scandal – Report

Bill Clinton is allegedly known for the many women he hooked up with.

Right from Barbra Streisand, Gina Gershon, Saffron Burrows to an alleged sex worker, the list is endless.

Radar Online alleged that the former President had “lurid affairs, and cheap one-night stands over his near half-century of public life.” It also reported that his wife Hillary Clinton tried to cover up in her desperate bid to the White House and Oval Office.

The 70-year-old was reportedly visited by iconic actress and singer Barbra Streisand at the White House. “Hillary was furious that Streisand visited the White House, spending the night in the historic Lincoln Bedroom in the grim days when Hillary was in Arkansas trying to cope with her dying father,” a source said.

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Bill Clinton has also been romantically linked to Gina Gershon. In 2008, a magazine reported that he was in a relationship with the “Showgirls” star, but she denied the claims.

Besides, Clinton reportedly had a fling with bisexual actress Saffron Burrows in London. When the “Deep Blue Sea” actress was asked who she would want to have an affair with, her answer was Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has also been linked to Eleanor Mondale, the daughter of former Vice President Walter Mondale. She reportedly spent time with Bill in 1997 at the White House and in Los Angeles, but she denied any affair.

According to former Arkansas state trooper Larry Patterson, Clinton shamelessly hooked up with a judge’s wife when she came to Little Rock. Patterson served on Clinton’s security detail.

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Meanwhile, Clinton also reportedly hit it off with Canadian billionaire Belinda Stronach. The duo met in Aspen in 2004. Stronach is known as the younger and prettier version of Hillary Clinton.

Several other of Clinton’s hook ups include an alleged sex worker Judi Gibbs, who died mysteriously in a fire in 1986. Former Miss Arkansas Sally Miller Perdue spoke about her encounter with Bill Clinton.

The 66-year-old model and actress Gennifer Flowers claimed that she had a 12 year affair with Clinton. Besides, Rock groupie Connie Hamzy told the publication that the former president in 1984 asked her to “perform a sex act” on him.

Paula Jones, the Arkansas state worker filed a sexual harassment case suit against Clinton in 1994. She claimed that he exposed himself and demanded oral sex.

A White House volunteer Kathleen Willey claimed she was molested by Clinton in 1993 at the Oval Office, the same day her husband committed suicide. Earlier in October, Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathy Shelton appeared alongside Donald Trump to make rape allegations on Clinton.

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