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Bill Clinton Rape Accuser Paula Jones: Donald Trump Called Her A Loser [Watch]

Bill Clinton Rape Accuser Paula Jones: Donald Trump Called Her A Loser [Watch]
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Bill Clinton Rape Accuser Paula Jones: Donald Trump Called Her A Loser [Watch]

In the past, Donald Trump had some pretty nasty things to say about Paula Jones, the alleged rape victim of Bill Clinton!

Just like Hillary Clinton had made Alicia Machado, the former Miss Universe whom Donald Trump had fat-shamed and discriminated against racially, into a weapon, during the first Presidential Debate, Donald Trump decided to do the same with Paula Jones in the 2nd Presidential Debate.

Donald Trump needed something big to overshadow the Hollywood Access tape that was released on Friday, documenting Trump making lewd comments about women and he found that in Paula Jones, the woman who has filed a sexual harassment complaint against Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

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He paraded her in front of the media by holding a press conference with her prior to the debate on Sunday. And then, mentioned her name during the debate, making Hillary Clinton aware of her presence in the crowd.

It was clear that Hillary Clinton felt uncomfortable after hearing her name which might explain why she did not bring up the shameful tape recording of Trump that much during the debate.

However, NBC has uncovered another recording from back in 1998, where Donald Trump is heard criticizing Paula Jones for going after the then President Bill Clinton.

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“Paula Jones is a loser, but the fact is that she may be responsible for bringing down a president, indirectly,” says Trump on tape.

Donald Trump had no intention of running for the oval office back then and the Trumps and the Clintons were quite good friends. In fact, Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton continued their friendship up until the presidential election, which caused them to drift apart.

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Hence, Trump was seen defending Bill Clinton’s honor a number of times at the time, the same person he is going after at the moment.

According to Media Matters, in another interview, Trump had called Monica Lewinsky (another victim who had accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment) “one of the most unattractive human beings I’ve ever seen”.

He then proceeded to say that he feels the same way about Paula Jones and that Bill Clinton was the real victim in both cases.

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