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Bill Clinton Nephew Arrested: Hillary Clinton Covered Up Scandal, Report

Bill Clinton Nephew Arrested: Hillary Clinton Covered Up Scandal, Report
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Bill Clinton Nephew Arrested: Hillary Clinton Covered Up Scandal, Report

Remember Hillary Clinton’s hot nephew-in-law Tyler, who the internet went gaga over after he made his appearance at the DNC convention this year? He was reportedly arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

When the mighty fall, there is no end to their misery, and Hillary Clinton’s might have only begun. After being drowned in one controversy after the next and suffering a humiliating loss to someone like Donald Trump, it just isn’t getting any easier for the Clintons.

The son of Bill Clinton’s brother, Roger, Tyler Clinton was reportedly arrested back in June 2015 after he struck a man on the head with a beer bottle during a bar brawl. The news, which until now was kept under wraps, has surfaced.

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So why are we hearing it just now? It was about the same time Hillary Clinton started campaigning to become the next POTUS. Did she cover up the incident to avoid any further scandal?

The mug shot of Tyler from police records, obtained by Radar Online, shows a drunk and droopy-eyed Tyler who looked nothing like the model-like pictures many girls lost sleep back in August this year.

A year later, Hillary Clinton proudly paraded Tyler Clinton on the DNC stage, something that immediately caused the 22-year-old to become an overnight internet sensation, reported the Daily Mail. Also, it didn’t affect Hillary’s ratings.

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The incident took place in Spanish music club in Fullerton, California. Sergeant Jon Radus of Fullerton Police Department confirmed to Radar Online:

“On June 18, 2015 at approximately 12:16 AM, Fullerton Police officers were dispatched to the 1400 block of S. Lemon Street regarding an altercation at a night club. Upon arrival, they contacted a male, later identified as Tyler Clinton, who had already been detained by Security at the night club.”

Based on the accusations and witness statements, Tyler was taken into police custody, but for some mysterious reason the Orange County District Attorney’s Office refused to press charges.

Could the name “Clinton” have anything to do with the mystery? Donald Trump may be right after all – the famous do get away with just anything.

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