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Bill Clinton Love Child Danney Williams: Hillary Clinton Banished Him, Report

Bill Clinton Love Child Danney Williams: Hillary Clinton Banished Him, Report
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Bill Clinton Love Child Danney Williams: Hillary Clinton Banished Him, Report

It was reported that Hillary Clinton’s husband and former president, Bill Clinton, fathered a child with a prostitute.

These rumors have reemerged, as the now 30-year-old man, Danney Williams, made a bid to compel the former president to recognize him as a son.

Williams initiated a Facebook page in December. The page is under the new name Danney Williams-Clinton, considered an attempt to grab the Clintons’ attention.

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According to the Daily Mail, Danney William’s claims that he is the former U.S. president’s love child were not anything new. However, the issue has not yet been put to rest.

The unfounded rumor first came to light in 1992, when a tabloid published an article stating Hillary Clinton’s husband fathered Danney Williams with an Arkansas prostitute. But the story was disproven in 1999, when a paternity test debunked that Bill Clinton was not Williams’ father.

The DNA test conducted in 1999 stated that Danney could not be Clinton’s son, but the test’s precision was questioned since then. Danney Williams’ mother, former prostitute named Bobbie Ann Williams, earlier told the story of how she reportedly met and started a relationship with Bill Clinton in 1984.

She said that Bill Clinton went for a run one day in Little Rock. As he jogged past her housing project, he stopped and introduced himself to her. Bobbie was 24 years old at that time.

Bobbie alleged that she and Bill had sex regularly, sometimes alone, sometimes with other female partners. Ultimately, Bobbie got pregnant, and she suspected that it was Bill’s child. However, when Bobbie told the governor about it, he reportedly laughed at her face.

“He rubbed my big belly and said, ‘Girl, that can’t be my baby,'” Bobbie said.

“But I knew it was. I just had this kind of woman’s feeling that this was his child.”

Days after Danney was born, Bobbie was put to jail, and her sister Lucille Bolton took care of the child. It was reported that Bolton was the first person who tried to compel the governor to take a DNA test.

It was also noted that Bolton had, allegedly, spoken about the issue with Hillary Clinton herself.

According to VOX, when the report first came out, it was Drudge Report, a right-wing site, which debunked the truthfulness of the story. However, now that the former Secretary of State is running high on polls, the same news site has regenerated the rumor.

Danney Williams has a Twitter account committed to show the facial similarities he has with Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill Clinton.

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