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Bill Clinton Hands In Between Woman’s Legs! See Video Here

Bill Clinton Hands In Between Woman’s Legs! See Video Here
Bill Clinton Gage Skidmore / Wikipedia Commons cc


Bill Clinton Hands In Between Woman’s Legs! See Video Here

On Tuesday, a video was posted on The Donald Reddit page showing Bill Clinton placing his hand in between the legs of a flight attendant or campaign assistant.

Further into the video, it can be seen that the woman removes the former President’s hand.

It was reported by The Gateway Pundit that the video appeared to have happened in either the 1992 or 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign.

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In the video, it can be seen that Clinton pulls off his hands back the moment he realized a camera is pointed at him. One can see his eyes looking up at the camera.

During a rally for the former president at Canton, Ohio, an unidentified woman held up a shirt which carried the slogan, “Bill Clinton is a rapist.” She also screamed at the former president, saying, “Bill Clinton harms women.” The former president was campaigning on behalf of his wife Hillary Clinton.

It was from 1993 to 2001 when Hillary Clinton’s husband served as the United States president. During his presidential tenure, it seemed like he could handle all aggressive heckling without losing his temper.

The woman who was holding up the T-shirt was taken out of the facility by security personnel. While holding up the t-shirt, she faced away from the former president and walked towards the press gallery. Due to this, the reporters at the rally were unable to confirm if Bill Clinton knew that the woman was labeling him “a rapist.”

It was also reported that the woman audibly screamed,“He has raped women! Bill Clinton is a rapist!”

However, the pro-Clinton audience pulled the woman down with applause and chants in favor of the former President. Some audience members also yelled at the woman, saying,“Get out!”

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