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Top US News: Bill Clinton In Heated Exchange With Black Lives Matter Protestors, Uber To Pay At Least $10M To Settle Driver Screening Case, & More

Top US News: Bill Clinton In Heated Exchange With Black Lives Matter Protestors, Uber To Pay At Least $10M To Settle Driver Screening Case, & More
Michael Bloomberg, Bill Clinton and Neil Kensington Ernst Moeksis/Flickr CC BY 2.0


Top US News: Bill Clinton In Heated Exchange With Black Lives Matter Protestors, Uber To Pay At Least $10M To Settle Driver Screening Case, & More

Top US News: Bill Clinton involved in exchange with Black Lives Matter protestors, Uber to pay at least $10M in driver screening case; & more.

Bill Clinton confronted by Black Lives Matter protestors

On Thursday, Former President Bill Clinton was involved in a heated argument with Black Lives Matter protestors who criticized the criminal justice reform bill of 1994, according to which prison sentences for several crimes was increased.

In the argument, which occurred during a Hillary Clinton campaign event in Philadelphia, the protestors claimed that the bill unfairly hurt African Americans, FOX News reports. However, Clinton said that the bill helped track the gangs responsible for killing African American children.

Authorities hunt for Uni of Texas killer, students asked to maintain caution

As authorities are working to identify the killer of 18 year old Haruka Weiser, a major at the University of Texas, officials urged students to maintain caution. According to NBC News, Weiser was last seen on Sunday leaving a building; she was discovered dead in Waller Creek a day and a half later. A surveillance video of the person believed to be the suspect has been released by the police. Fifty additional police officers are patrolling the campus.

Uber will pay at least $10M to settle driver screening case

Ride sharing company Uber, accused of misleading customers regarding the quality of its services, will settle the case for at least $10 million. The lawsuit, filed in 2014, says that Uber claims the criminal screening of the company’s drivers was the most comprehensive, NBC News reports. The prosecutors said that the company’s screening process did not include fingerprint checks.

Suspects leading authorities on a chase through California arrested

Two suspects accused of burglary were arrested after they led the authorities on a chase that lasted more than an hour through Southern California – beginning from Cerritos and through Hollywood and other parts of Los Angeles. As reported by the New York Daily News, the suspects exchanged hugs and took selfies after they pulled up on a street in South Los Angeles shortly after 3 p.m.; following which, when the authorities arrived, they surrendered and were subsequently arrested.

Boy with an octopus lodged in his throat recovering

The condition of a two-year-old child, who was transported to a hospital after he could not breathe because an octopus had been lodged in his throat, has been lifted from serious to good, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. He was rushed to the hospital after his mother came home from work on Tuesday and found her boyfriend, Matthew Gallagher, performing CPR on the kid.

Gallagher – whose explanation as how the octopus ended up in the boy’s throat did not match the evidence, according to the police – was subsequently booked into the Sedgwick County Jail.

Man accused of robbing Walmart in Pennsylvania shot

A Pennsylvania State Trooper shot a man accused of robbing the Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, Walmart on Thursday night. The shooting occurred after the trooper responding to a call from Walmart saying that they had been robbed encountered the accused exiting from the store, USA Today reports. The name of the accused, though identified by the police, has not been released.

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