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Bigger iPhone 6 – New Habits To Learn

Bigger iPhone 6 – New Habits To Learn


Bigger iPhone 6 – New Habits To Learn

Bigger iPhone 6 – New Habits To LearnApple’s big event is just a couple of days away and as usual, the fever is starting pitch as everyone even slightly interested in what the Cupertino company is up to has his/her own idea of what will be announced during the said affair. In everybody’s mind and would be taking the center stage will obviously be the new iPhone 6 and the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 8.

Yes, the bigger (wider?) iPhone 6 which had been rumored to sport a 4.7-inch screen – a first for Apple as the fruit company hasn’t breached the 4-inch barrier before. And if as if this bigger iPhone 6 wasn’t enough, there still exists the rumor that a monstrous 5.5-inch iPhone is in the works!

Not to sound sacrilegious but I could just imagine Steve Jobs turning over in his grave…

Let’s just say that Apple WILL release the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, for Apple fans who are used to using their 4-inchers, this departure from size could really turn things topsy-turvy the first few days (even weeks) as they try to get a grip of their shiny new iPhones.

Though the phone will still fit in one’s palm, the bigger screen real estate will definitely affect how the user will interact with the new iPhone 6’s icon layout. Given that users can rearrange the icons’ position on screen to suite their preferences, they would still need to move the phone up and down their hand to reach the far corners of the screen. Not much of an inconvenience but still this extra movement can cause quite a few dropped iPhones in the coming days.

Now, once you do get the grip of using the bigger-screened iPhone 6, you will still notice that you’d be more comfortable (and safer) when you use both hands to operate the phone. But you would have to sacrifice a few steps here and there and stop while sending that text message or dialing your mom’s number. Also, using two hands will leave you with nothing to hold anything else, obviously.

This isn’t a big issue with women since most of them carry their phones in the handbags. Men, on the other hand, carry their phones mostly in their pockets – either their pants’ or shirts’ – and the extra weight could become a bit of a burden as the day wears on.

Anyway, like I said, these tiny nuisances are just small prices to pay if you’re one Apple fan who has been hankering for a bigger-screened iPhone!

Just wait until Apple unleashes its humungous 5.5-inch phablet. Now that would really be big!

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Lito Carasig is a tech geek who craves for anything and everything new specially about personal devices and gadgets. He loves using them and giving his two cent's about what makes them tick and how fantastic (or not!) they can be!

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