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Stand Lee Confirms Big Hero Sequel – Is Tadashi Really Alive?

Stand Lee Confirms Big Hero Sequel – Is Tadashi Really Alive?
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Stand Lee Confirms Big Hero Sequel – Is Tadashi Really Alive?

For “Big Hero 6” fans, the good news is out. Big Hero 7 might be on its way, but in order to know if it will be able to meet with high expectations set by its predecessor, we have to wait most probably till late 2017.

Back in the month of April, Stan Lee, the former CEO and present executive producer of Marvel, mentioned the developments of the movie and confirmed its sequel during a promo tour in South Boston.

Lee mentioned that after “Ant-Man” hits the screen, they will start working on “Doctor Strange,” “The Black Panther,” and “Inhumans.” Once the first of these three are out, the team will concentrate on “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” “Big Hero,” The Avengers and then Captain America.

The news of “Big Hero 2” did not come as a surprise, after “Big Hero 6” stirred up $651 million worldwide, becoming one of the biggest hits among the animated movies of 2014.

So once the sequel has been confirmed it is time for some sneak peek, and in this world where rumors travel really fast we do not need to wait long for it.

Tadashi, the big brother of Hiro, might come back in “Big Hero 2.”

According to rumors, the main attraction of the movie will be the face-off between Hiro Hamada, the protagonist, and Tadashi, his older brother, who was believed to be dead after an explosion. However, the body of Tadashi was never recovered. In the sequel, Tadashi will allegedly transform into Sunfire, also known as the Uncanny Avenger. He is also believed to have lost all his memories and fight against Hero and Baymax.

According to the original comics, Sunfire is a mutant with the ability to fire flames by absorbing heat. Sunfire was first mentioned in the MCU by a member of X-Men. However, there has been no confirmation about the rumored storyline, but if the sequel is going to stay true to the comics, it is highly possible that Tadashi will be back in the sequel. To know the real story, we have to wait till late 2017 or early 2018.

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