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‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ Teaser Image Posted On Instagram

‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ Teaser Image Posted On Instagram
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‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ Teaser Image Posted On Instagram

Who knew a picture of a cute pig can make us this excited? Michel Ancel, creator of video game masterpiece Beyond Good & Evil, posted on Instagram a piece of artwork that most likely teases the sequel.

Beyond Good & Evil is oftentimes considered one of the most underrated video games in history. Proof? Simply Google “most underrated video games” and you’ll see what I mean. Those who played it can attest to its engaging gameplay and awe-inspiring world filled with political intrigue. Any tease of a sequel is always a cause for celebration.

The artwork on Ancel’s Instagram is captioned, “Somewhere in system 4 … – Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible!”

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It could have been a regular artwork not related to the game, but Ubisoft France tweeting the image makes it all the more real. According to the tweet, translated from French, “Michel Ancel has an Instagram account, and we advise you to follow closely.”

Ancel is known as the creator of the Rayman series. Although he is currently working on another project, Wild, for an independent studio, hopefully it won’t stop him from pushing through with Beyond Good & Evil 2.

The first Beyond Good & Evil game was released in 2003. It takes place hundreds of years into the future and tells the story of Jade as she attempts to thwart an alien race by solving puzzles and photographing evidence.

In 2008, a teaser trailer for the sequel was released, but nothing new has surfaced until now.

Watch the teaser below.

Somewhere in system 4 … – Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible !

A post shared by Michel Ancel (@michelancel) on

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