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Beyonce’s Fans Out To Make Cheater Jay-Z Pay

Beyonce’s Fans Out To Make Cheater Jay-Z Pay

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Beyonce’s Fans Out To Make Cheater Jay-Z Pay

Jay-Z is in a bad position right now. Beyonce’s fans are out to get his blood. Amid rumors of his cheating, Beyonce’s fans made sure Jay-Z felt their ire. Beyonce’s husband was booed in Miami at her “Formation” tour.

According to Hollywood Life, the Beyhive made sure Jay-Z knew he majorly screwed up by not treating Beyonce right, so bad that she was fored to air out her feelings through her newest album “Lemonade.” The track “Sorry” even revealed what Beyonce allegedly had to go through under his hands all the time they were married — being cheated on and undervalued all the time.

“Jay Z’s getting an awful reception in Miami that would make even LeBron James feel bad,” the source told Hollywood Life. “Everywhere HOV goes, people are looking at him with a stank face. Hell, even random fans boo him when he’s in public because they think he cheated on Bey. He’s definitely feeling the Miami heat and it’s hotter than the city’s humid hell.”

If the Beyhive can attack those girls they believe to be Jay-Z’s mistress or mistresses, then they can make Jay-Z feel their wrath too.

One of the women highly speculated to be Jay-Z’s mistress is Rachel Roy. There was quite an uproar in the media following an Instagram post by Rachel that implies she’s “Becky with the good hair.” She wrote, “Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self-truths, always,” as reported by The Daily Beast. Rachel had deleted the post later, making people surer that she’s hiding something!

Even though she officially rejected being Jay-Z’s girlfriend on the side, many cannot believe her anymore. Rachel and her daughters were even bullied by Beyonce’s fans.

It is not easy to mess with Beyonce and this is pretty much apparent after the “Lemonade” and all the associated controversies emerged. Poking the Beyhive would make all the bees fly out in full sting.

We can only hope that the two address these rumors officially and show people that there really is nothing to fret over! Or if there is, that they are already doing all that they can to patch things up because they still love each other and their daughter, Blue Ivy. E Online however, believe nothing of this sort can happen. Beyonce was spotted without her wedding ring backstage during the show, making people believe that she already has enough of Jay-Z and their sham of a marriage.

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