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Beyonce To Collaborate With Adele On ‘Formation’ Album?

Beyonce To Collaborate With Adele On ‘Formation’ Album?
Beyoncé Noemi Nuñez/Wikimedia Commons CC BY SA

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Beyonce To Collaborate With Adele On ‘Formation’ Album?

Did Beyonce and Adele collaborate on a song for the former’s upcoming album? Are we set to hear the two powerful voices join forces in a hit song? Evidence says yes!

Back in November 2015, the “Rolling In The Deep” hitmaker refused to admit having a collaboration with Beyoncé. However, a seemingly confidential photo of the upcoming album release of the “If I Were A Boy” singer found its way into the web, as reported by E Online. The one who posted the picture on Twitter was someone named “Queen Will.”

Those who saw the leaked image now believe that a collaboration has taken place. What’s more, the song might be included in Queen Bey’s upcoming album, which is set to be released on April 1!

The grainy picture shows a document emblazoned with the Parkwood company logo that says the Grammy Awards winner’s next album will be entitled “Formation.” It also states that on April 1, the album will be available for Tidal subscribers only, while the rest of the world can enjoy the album on April 8. However, these are not the exciting details.

Based on the picture, it seems that Adele collaborated with Beyonce on a song called “Lemonade Taste.” Wow.

According to E Online, aside from Adele, the picture shows Beyonce’s collaboration with other famous artists as well, including American rapper Nicki Minaj, “Hotline Bling” singer Kanye West, Frank Ocean, husband Jay Z and Mariah Carey.

Based on the leaked picture, the “Formation” album will have a total of 14 songs. While the photo’s authenticity has not been confirmed, many say it looks plausible. Beyonce is one of the founding members of the music streaming service Tidal after all.

The only problem is that the list was leaked so close to April Fool’s Day. Fans are now waiting for someone to shout, “Boo! We tricked you! Happy April Fools’!”

In another news, Hollywood Life is speculating that Beyoncé is set to unleash music videos for each of the new tracks, like what Beyoncé did with the release of her most recent album in December 2013.

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