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Beyonce Bans Jay-Z From World Tour, Divorce Soon?

Beyonce Bans Jay-Z From World Tour, Divorce Soon?
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Beyonce Bans Jay-Z From World Tour, Divorce Soon?

 “Run This Town” singer Jay-Z has been officially prohibited from the “Formation World Tour” of her wife Beyoncé. The “Crazy In Love” singer allegedly needs “space” from the American rapper and investor.

Rumors say that the celebrity couple is experiencing marital problems because of conflicts in their professional and private lives. Reportedly, Beyonce thinks she and Jay-Z are becoming each other’s shadow. As such, the singer thinks it’s better to take a breather from her husband and focus on doing things separately.

Radar Online learned that Beyoncé now needs a breather from her husband. “The singer needs a break from Jay-Z.”

Why? It seems that the singer is starting to feel suffocated.

“The husband never lets her out of his sight and it’s really bugging Beyoncé out. Beyoncé worries at how much they mix business and pleasure and she wants some breathing room so she can refocus on her music and tour.”

The insider also said, “Jay-Z can be very domineering when it comes to Beyoncé’s work and life. And the singer is starting to feel creatively stifled.”

Jay-Z being controlling does not bode well for Beyonce’s career plans. “Beyoncé plans on writing her new music on the road and she doesn’t want him there taking everything over all the time. Beyoncé really needs some space – and this tour is the perfect excuse,” the insider said.

Moreover, as reported by Hollywood Life, the singer behind “If I Were A Boy” has taken Blue Ivy and moved out of their house.

A source said the celebrity couple is still trying to act in public as if they are still united. However, the 34-year-old American singer and songwriter decided that living under the same roof with her husband wasn’t healthy. Beyoncé needed some space, so the singer is secretly renting a place not far away.

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