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Beware! Inserting S-Pen Backwards Can Damage Your ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 5’

Beware! Inserting S-Pen Backwards Can Damage Your ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 5’

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Beware! Inserting S-Pen Backwards Can Damage Your ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 5’

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 5 delivering its promised potential? With S-Pen’s flawed moment, it could be not. Find out why.

Yesterday, we told you whether Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+ is delivering what the company promised during its launch. Today, it is Galaxy Note 5’s turn. With S-Pen, it is definitely not. Here are the reasons why.

While testing, Android police came across this design flaw where the wrong insertion of S-Pen can damage your device forever.

The right way of inserting the S-Pen

The pointy side first. So, watch while you insert. Do not even by mistake insert the backward-side of your S-Pen first into the slot. This will result into your S-Pen getting jammed. If you try to pull it out forcibly, it will either break or damage the functionality of the device.

About the testing, the portal said, “Pen detection on our review unit is completely broken. During the making of this video in an attempt to show how easy it is to insert the stylus the wrong way, the S-Pen became hopelessly jammed in the slot.” The reviewer was unable to remove the S-Pen without hard tools that could damage the device completely.

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Another website while testing the S-Pen stated that inserting the S-Pen backwards did clamp up the spring mechanism resulting into a jammed S-Pen, but fortunately they were able to push it back again into the slot. Neither the functionality nor the features were damaged.

Here is the original video:

Now that you know you need to treat your S-Pen well, you better treat it well!

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