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Want ‘Suicide Squad’ Uncut & R-Rated Version. Sign The Petition

Want ‘Suicide Squad’ Uncut & R-Rated Version. Sign The Petition
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Want ‘Suicide Squad’ Uncut & R-Rated Version. Sign The Petition

Since Warner Bros early screening of “Suicide Squad,” film critics and media agencies have been poking holes into the movie to find more flaws. While various reviews mocked the storyline and the under-utilising cast, a recent report shined some light on the reason for its downfall.

Earlier during production of the movie, it was revealed that “Suicide Squad” went through some reshoots. However, it looks like Warner Bros did more than that to desperately assure its success.

In a report from The Hollywood Reporter, it has been revealed that “Suicide Squad” movie went through “competing cuts” during its post-production process. Since then, DC fans have been outraged at the studio was repeating the mistakes as they did with “Batman v Superman” movie.

While we aren’t sure what scenes were cut from the movie, a recent tweet suggest Jared Leto’s The Joker was one of the main victims of it. Film blogger Connor wrote that the actor told him “a lot of scenes” were cut from the “final film.” Furthermore, his tweet also said that Leto hopes that those scenes would someday “see the light of day.”

Most of the fans are disappointed over “Suicide Squad’s” failure to appeal to the critics. However, one fan has started a petition requesting Warner Bros. to “release David Ayer’s Suicide Squad Cut.” While it may sound convincing, Only 11 supporters have signed the petition out of 100.

“Suicide Squad” will be releasing on August 5th, 2016. Fans can hope to hear news on the uncut version after the initial public release of the movie. Moreover, it still remains unknown if the uncut version was R rated. For now,check out this positive reviews, suggesting DC fans to watch the movie.

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