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Best Smartphone & Top Cheats For Pokemon Go

Best Smartphone & Top Cheats For Pokemon Go
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Best Smartphone & Top Cheats For Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go continues to make waves as the game becomes available to plenty of markets. The real question is, what is the best device to play the game with? How can players make the best out of the game?

Best Smartphone for Pokémon Go?

The internet exploded once Pokémon Go was released. In fact, the app has overtaken Twitter in daily users within a week. With all the attention over it, the next big question is, how can people make the most out of the game? Is there a more compatible device to the app?

The Forbes Tech team has tinkered with the game and may have come up with a suggestion on what phone people could use best for the game.

“The key to a good Pokémon GO experience is being able to keep playing as long as possible while out and about, and that means being able to extend your battery life. The simplest answer to ‘the best phone to catch ‘em all’ is ‘the one with the biggest battery,'” claimed Ewan Spence.

“But do look a bit beyond that. It’s not just about the size of the battery, it’s how long it lasts and how you use it,” Spence added.

Users may have to know more about the battery saving features of their devices to make the most out of the game. Couple this with other power-saving features of the OS.

Pokémon Go Top Cheats

As for those looking to get a good start, there’s a way to get Pikachu as the starter character. Once players start the game, they can choose to walk away instead of catching their first Pokémon. After a while, the phone should vibrate, prompting the player to catch one of the monsters. Walk away again and repeat the process five times, according to Daily Record. Pikachu will eventually appear for the player to catch and have as their starter.

As for catching rare Pokemon, focus on the white ring surrounding the beastie depending on how the player will likely catch it. In this case, the smaller, the better. Once it turns green, it’s time to throw the ball.

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