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Best Buy Significantly Slashes Nexus 5 Price Tag to $450 from $800

Best Buy Significantly Slashes Nexus 5 Price Tag to $450 from $800


Best Buy Significantly Slashes Nexus 5 Price Tag to $450 from $800

Best Buy Slashes Nexus 5 Price to $450 from $800We may be surprised that Best Buy has announced that it is drastically trimming down its retail price tag for Nexus 5 from $800 to $450. The latest flagship smartphone from Google Inc that is having that price is the 16GB version. The retailer is carrying the non-contract iteration of the handset’s version from Sprint that is initially selling for $800.

Many consumers are in disbelief. The new Google smartphone could now be more expensive than the more popular iPhone 5S, which is usually sold at below $650 from T-Mobile for the version of the same capacity.

Despite the price drop, Best Buy’s Nexus 5 is still costlier than how much the smartphone is sold through the Google Play store for a non-contract device. For the price-conscious shoppers, it is definitely cheaper to buy the handset directly from Google. Through the Google Play store, it is possible to purchase the same Nexus 5 unit for just $350, possibly even lower.

Was it a typo error?

So was Best Buy just an innocent victim of a surprising typographical error? As of this writing, it still has not issued an apology or even a clarification. But if ever it was just an error, the price adjustment to $450 could be the logical correction. That translates to a huge $350-worth of savings. But still, that is a little pricey compared to how other retailers and carriers sell the device.

Best Buy is not the only retailer or distributor that seems to have adopted an expensive price tag for the new Nexus handset. As mentioned, Sprint is also implementing a surcharge. Its non-subscription Nexus 5 is selling at $450 to date.

Nexus 5 from other carriers

Those who consider buying Nexus 5 along with two-year common subscription contract from carriers could obtain higher savings. Sprint may seem to be catching up as it sells Nexus 5 with the contract for just $200. It even offers a $50 rebate for mail-in orders.

For its part, T-Mobile is yet to announce its pricing scheme as well as availability for Nexus 5. The carrier is known for offering cheaper or more practical tag prices for new handsets. If you are waiting for Nexus 5 offerings from Verizon Wireless and AT&T, you may have to look somewhere else. The two carriers still have no plans of carrying the device. Verizon does not support the phone on its network, while AT&T could possibly support it.

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