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Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton For President

Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton For President
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Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton For President

Socialist senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont will announce his run for the presidential post as a Democrat on Thursday. As expected, Sanders is going to put on a fight against his competitor Hillary Chilton, who is also running for the post as Democrat.

Sanders, who served as mayor of Burlington, Vermont for eight years, reasoned why he is going to run as a presidential candidate. During his recent visit to Iowa, a large audience gathered at a town hall event in Waterloo. One among them asked Sanders if he wants to run as an independent or a Democrat.

“That’s a great question!” Sanders said. “I’d love to get your opinions on it.”

“It’s easier to get on the ballot, you can get into the debates, and the media will take you more seriously.”

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Eighty percent of the audience cheered for him.

“I think you run as a Democrat, because you want to push the debate, with Hillary or whoever it is, in the direction you want to see it go,” a member of the audience said. “We need to hear the establishment challenged.”

Sanders pointed out how middle class Americans are suppressed by billionaires.

“If you want to understand why the middle class in America is disappearing and why we have more wealth and income inequality in America than we have had since the late 1920s, you have to address the issue of trade,” Sanders said in a phone interview with VPR.

He also emphasized the issue of trade and income inequality. In the past few months, Sanders campaigned in several presidential primary states.


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