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Bernie Sanders Reports Impressive Influence In Grass-Roots Donor Base

Bernie Sanders Reports Impressive Influence In Grass-Roots Donor Base
Senator Sanders says maybe he’ll run for President John Pemble / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


Bernie Sanders Reports Impressive Influence In Grass-Roots Donor Base

Supporters for the cause of Senator Bernie Sanders under the Democrat banner grew as can be gleaned from the number of donors who donated $200 or less to accumulate less than $10.5 million of the $13.7 million funds gathered for his campaign.

The grass-roots donor base for the senator from Vermont has been a source of envy not just among the Republicans, but also within the camp of fellow Democrat presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, news say. Though Clinton was able to raise $47.5 million, only $8 million accounted for $200 or less donations. It has been reported that Clinton’s $47.5 million fund was partly due to the staff’s efforts in asking for $1 donations before June 30.

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In a report from Politico, donations worth $200 or less tell how significant the influence of a candidate is. In Sander’s case, the small amounts indicated the “significant grass-roots influence” in “liberal insurgency,” which fuels his rising popularity around the country “in the polls against Clinton.”

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Needless to say, the 73-year-old senator is equally receiving donations above the $200 bracket that as of end of June already amounted to $3.3 million. Reports say, however, that Sanders’ figure was small compared with Republican Ron Paul who got $23 million in donations valued at both over and below $200 as of July four years ago. Paul garnered $45.4 million by end of July in 2011.

News also say that Sander’s overall campaign funds reached $15.2 million, including the $1.5 million released from his campaign committee in the senate. But such figure is still meager when compared with how much President Barack Obama received for the same period in 2007.

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On a campaign on Wednesday, Sanders’ campaign disclosed it received 390,730 donations amounting to more than $35 from 284,062 donors.

Republicans Trailing Behind Sanders

Politico reports Republicans who trail close to Sander’s grass-roots donor base include Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon conservative who raked in grass roots notwithstanding little efforts in campaign. News say Carson received $8.5 million in donation, 67 percent of which came from $200 or less contributions. Three percent of former Governor from Florida, Jeb Bush’s reported total funds received came from small amounts.

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