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Bernie Sanders Earns First Formal Endorsement From Environmental Group

Bernie Sanders Earns First Formal Endorsement From Environmental Group
Sanders Speaks in Des Moines John Pemble / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


Bernie Sanders Earns First Formal Endorsement From Environmental Group

Democrat presidential contender Bernie Sanders won his first formal endorsement from pro-environmental network Friends of the Earth during his campaign in Concord, New Hampshire. The senator from Vermont has been attracting supporters due to his stand on economic issues.

The Friends of the Earth’s advocacy is similar to those of other civic organizations, which are also drawn to Sanders’ presidential cause. Washington Post reports that the socialist senator is more solid than Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley from Maryland when it comes to issues close to the hearts of civic group members.

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Erich Pica, Friends of the Earth president, mentioned that the Keystone XL oil pipeline, significant to the organization’s cause, has been a decisive factor in choosing Bernie Sanders. The Keystone XL oil pipeline has been opposed by Friends of the Earth for being detrimental to the environment. Clinton preferred to address the said issue if and when she becomes an elected president, as reported.

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“She equivocates. We can’t have equivocation anymore,” Pica was quoted by Washington Post, describing Clinton’s view on the oil pipeline. Meanwhile, aides of Clinton explained that Clinton’s silence on the issue is due to the fact that she participated in initial discussions on the pipeline project between the United States and Canada in her capacity as the former secretary of state.

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Besides the oil pipeline, Sanders also earned approval for his support on carbon tax. Advocates of Friends of the Earth accompanied Bernie Sanders in Manchester during a town meeting. Sanders’ campaign does not only focus on economic issues. He has also been urging Americans to act in curbing the effects of climate change.

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