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Bernie Sanders As Write-In President: Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Are Psychopaths, Report

Bernie Sanders As Write-In President: Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Are Psychopaths, Report
Bernie Sanders Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Bernie Sanders As Write-In President: Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Are Psychopaths, Report

Could Bernie Sanders become the write-in candidate for the U.S. presidential election with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both striking out with the voters?

Even though the Vermont senator has long since dropped out of the Presidential race, letting fellow Democratic party member Hillary Clinton take the center stage, people of America have refused to let Bernie Sanders be a thing of the past.

With the Presidential election reduced to name-calling and schoolyard bullying, voters are looking at Sanders to save the day.

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And it might actually be a possibility with 34 states allowing write-in votes to be counted provided that the candidate in question has filed in proper paperwork for the occasion before voting begins.

However, there are states which do not take into account write-in votes such as Alabama, Delaware, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon and Sander’s very own, Vermont.

However, in the light of a growing dislike towards both the Presidential candidates, state officials are willing to bend the rules. A spokesperson for Alabama’s Secretary of State Office, John Bennett, told Snopes:

“As long as write-in votes for Sanders spelled his name correctly, his votes would be counted. If he received the majority of votes among presidential candidates, he would win all nine of the state’s Electoral College votes.”

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This is good news for a nation who is literally dealing with a couple of “psychopaths” as options for its next President.

According to Daily Mail, Dr, Kevin Dutton from Oxford University, has been researching and measuring the psychopathic traits of the famous historic leaders and comparing them with the current Presidential candidates.

What he discovered was shocking.

Using Psychopathic Personality Inventory, a standard tool for measuring psychopathic tendencies by a complete evaluation of one’s psychological features, he was able to determine that both Hillary Clinton and Trump are potential psychopaths.

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Donald Trump, A Trigger-Happy Psychopath

Even though Hillary Clinton might be polling ahead of Donald Trump at the moment, he might have the satisfaction of knowing that he beat Hillary when it comes to the psychopathic scale.

He scores sky-high on categories such as “Fearless Dominance” and “Self-Centered Impulsivity”.

His mental state is equaled to none other than Adolf Hitler, who mercilessly slaughtered endless Jews and President of Uganda, Idi Amin, who ordered the execution of the people of his nation based on race.

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Hillary Clinton, An Emotionless Psychopath

Even though Hillary Clinton tags behind Trump, she scores high on the category of “Machiavellian Egocentricity”, something that makes her lack empathy.

This means that despite her passionate speeches to elevate the status of the middle-class people and fight for equal rights of all, her words cannot be taken at face-value since she would do or say anything to further her agenda.

On the Psychopathic chart, she ranks slightly lower than Napoleon Bonaparte, whose deadly policies claim many lives, and higher than Emperor Nero, who murdered his own mother and wife.

So, even though Bernie Sanders has pledged his allegiance to Hillary Clinton and encouraged his supporters to do the same, there might be quite a number of “protest votes” turning up on the final day, that might lead to a surprising end to the whole election!

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