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Bendtner Hat Trick Seals Danish Win, USA Despairs

Bendtner Hat Trick Seals Danish Win, USA Despairs
Brøndby stadium panorama Stig Nygaard / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Bendtner Hat Trick Seals Danish Win, USA Despairs

Denmark Soccer

Image from Flickr by Stig Nygaard

Nicklas Bendtner has led the Danish side to an emphatic win, stealing the victory with a score of 3-2 after trailing until the last 10 minutes of the game.

Jozy Altidore scored the first goal in the 19th minute, giving the USA Men’s National Soccer team a lead of 1-0. It was Altidore’s second goal in the 2015 calendar. However, Denmark came back strongly with Nicklas Bendtner scoring the equalizer in the 33rd minute. With only 35 percent possession in the first half, a score of 1-1 provided some encouragement for the visitors.

In the 66th minute, Aron Jóhannsson, with three Danish defenders on his trail, secured another lead for the Americans; the score was 2-1. However, the American dream of sailing away with the lead was crushed brutally by Bendtner, who smashed two successive goals in the 83rd and 90+1st minutes, giving the home side the win.

John Brooks was able to guide the header wide enough in the dying moments of the match, snatching any chance the USA could have had to pull one out of the hat and end with an equalizer.

“Well, obviously, if you lead in the game, 2-1, you’re looking forward to hopefully manage it and get it over with for a win,” U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann said after the match.

“And then you leave the field emptyhanded, it’s a bit frustrating, but this is how it goes. Overall, it was a very even game. It was an entertaining game. We gave them an eye-to-eye game and we could have won it, but we didn’t at the end of the day.”

Despite brief phases where the USA looked good in their game, they could not put up a tough fight against the home side. Denmark held majority of the possession between the two, and it will give U.S. Coach Jürgen Klinsmann a lot to think about before his team faces Switzerland on Tuesday.


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