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Ben & Jerry’s To Serve Free Ice Cream On Free Cone Day

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Ben & Jerry’s To Serve Free Ice Cream On Free Cone Day

That’s right. If you like Cherry Garcia so much, here’s good news for you. Ben & Jerry’s will be serving free ice cream in honor of Free Cone Day. According to the company, everyone can have as much as they want.

Free Cone Day is probably the greatest ice cream holiday ever created. Ben & Jerry’s celebrated the first ever Free Cone Day back in 1979. The ice cream company wanted to thank people for their unwavering support during Ben & Jerry’s first year of business.

Years later, the  support has never wavered as business grew immensely. In fact, Ben & Jerry’s has gone from having just one shop in a renovated petrol station in Burington, Vermont to having several locations across the U.S. At the same time, the brand managed to open several Scoop Shops all over the world. What this means is that this year’s Free Cone Day will be bigger and better than ever before.

As far as Ben & Jerry’s is concerned, Free Cone Day is the most awesome holiday around. “What other holiday lets you show up to the party uninvited, wearing anything you want, and still gives you a gift?” the company asked. According to them, you can wear whatever you want; it doesn’t matter. Ben & Jerry’s would be more than happy to scoop up free ice cream for you.

Line up for free ice cream as much as you want.

And in case you realize that you are craving for more than just one scoop, it’s totally fine. In fact, Ben & Jerry’s said, “Just get back in line for another free cone. Over and over again.” However, be prepared to meet the seven kinds of people you can expect to meet during Free Cone Day. One of the most interesting ones is the “Conequistador.” This person’s goal is to “conquer every flavor on the menu.” You never know, maybe this can be you too!

If you can’t decide which flavor to start with on Free Cone Day, stop freaking out. Ben & Jerry’s has come up with a quiz to help you decide which flavor best suits your taste. Free Cone Day happens on April 4 from noon to 8 p.m. For a list of locations participating in Free Cone Day, get the store lineup here. Enjoy the free ice cream!

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