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Ben Carson Said Abortions Cause Baby Ghost Hauntings: Facts To Know

Ben Carson Said Abortions Cause Baby Ghost Hauntings: Facts To Know
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Ben Carson Said Abortions Cause Baby Ghost Hauntings: Facts To Know

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

Ben Carson, a retired surgeon, is all over the news these days for allegedly making an absurd comment on abortion.

Carson was appointed as secretary of Housing and Urban Development by President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team. Rumors started to circulate at the same time about Carson making silly comments about abortions and baby ghosts.

The Claim: What Ben Carson Said

“Abortions create baby ghosts which haunt the hospitals the abortion was performed in. The baby ghosts then steal medical supplies, which is what drives up medical costs. I know this because I’m a doctor,” Carson is alleged to have said.

This quote was presented on social media in the form of a meme. However, at the time of the announcement of Carson’s appointment, the meme was already at least a year old.

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Furthermore, several other memes about Carson were created and shared on If You Only News website. These posts have always been against Carson.

Baby Ghost Rumor Debunked

While the quote became quite famous and made huge rounds on social media, the statement is completely fabricated.

The rumor can be traced back to a meme post on Facebook made in November 2015. This Facebook post traced the meme to a Tumblr post, which has now been deleted. The Tumblr post was originally created by someone named Amanita Castanea.

There is no direct quote by Ben Carson himself about abortions and baby ghosts. In fact, there seem to be no videos, audios, interviews or anything else.

Serious or Satire?

Many memes showing unflattering and misleading information about Ben Carson have come into existence. They show quotes which Carson apparently said. However, they are completely false.

However, a lot of people might see these memes and still believe that the quote contained in them is true.

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