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Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman’ Movie Update: Batman Holding Dead Robin Image Surfaced

Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman’ Movie Update: Batman Holding Dead Robin Image Surfaced
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Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman’ Movie Update: Batman Holding Dead Robin Image Surfaced

Earlier at SDCC, Warner Bros. announced that Ben Affleck would be directing Batman solo movie. Although the actor is currently busy filming for Justice League movie, it was confirmed that he is currently in the scripting stage with the solo film.

Since Warner Bros. confirmed Batman solo movie as part of their DC film schedule, fans have been speculating different plot concept that can be adapted from DC Comics. Earlier, Ben Affleck also revealed his interest to use some story line from the comic realm as well.

The most expected event to be shown in Batman solo movie could be “Death of the Family” concept. The comic issue is a notable event in DC history as it was the end of Jason Todd as Robin.

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Recently, a fan made image revealed Ben Affleck’s Batman holding Jason Todd in his Robin costume after being murdered by The Joker. The picture can be found below.

This event has been teased repeatedly by DCEU. It was first shown in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and was later teased again in Suicide Squad movie. It is possible for Justice League to also hint Jason Todd’s backstory as Ben Affleck has made some rewrites to the final script to match its events with Batman solo movie.

Recently it was also suggested that The Joker and Harley Quinn could appear in Batman solo movie. If so, the possibility for “Death of the Family” concept is likely.

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Currently, Batman solo movie is expected to release in 2018. However, the exact dates have not been revealed yet. For now, J.K Simmons is also expected to play as Commissioner Gordon in the reboot series as well.

Recently, Ben Affleck was spotted in London. The actor is currently filming for Justice League movie in the country and also revealed his looks as Bruce Wayne.

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