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Before Apple Watch Launch, Google Announces Android Wear Updates

Before Apple Watch Launch, Google Announces Android Wear Updates
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Before Apple Watch Launch, Google Announces Android Wear Updates

A few days before the much-anticipated launch of a certain smartwatch, Google has announced a line of updates for their Android Wear.

With all the hype surrounding the Apple Watch, consumers must’ve forgotten that Google’s timepiece tech exists. In a statement released on Monday and posted by David Singleton, the Director of Engineering for Android Wear, the company has announced the following updates.

Always-on Screen, Apps

Android Wear watches give users the time without the need to flick or shake the wrist. This feature is now being integrated to apps, which can now stay visible for a longer period of time depending on the preference of the user.

TechCrunch finds this feature important, especially for health buffs who love to use fitness-tracking apps.

Support for Wi-Fi

Google has also announced that Android Wear can now support smartwatches with Wi-Fi built-in. For as long as the timepiece is connected to Wi-Fi, notifications, messages, and apps that run on the owner’s phone can finally be accessed.

“And if you really do forget your phone, you can always ask your watch where it is,” according to the release.

(Almost) Hands-free Interaction

New features also include the ability to simply flick the wrist to scroll through a news stream, ideal for those who have their hands full. Apps and contacts can also be accessed via a tap on the face of the watch.

Emoji lovers are also in for a treat, as Android Wear now let users draw emojis on the watch face. The drawings will easily be recognized.

The updates Google has mentioned will be available to all available Android Wear watches within the next few weeks. The LG Watch Urbane will be the first watch to experience these new features.


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