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‘Beauty And The Beast’ Movie Trailer: Emma Watson Perfect, But Storyline ‘Boring’?

‘Beauty And The Beast’ Movie Trailer: Emma Watson Perfect, But Storyline ‘Boring’?
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‘Beauty And The Beast’ Movie Trailer: Emma Watson Perfect, But Storyline ‘Boring’?

The “Beauty and the Beast” movie trailer was finally released on Monday. Emma Watson getting lured by a red rose is the highlight of the trailer.

As shared by Screen Rant, the 26-year-old actress from the famous “Harry Potter” movie series was introduced in the less than two-minute “teaser” trailer as the lead character Belle, the loveliest daughter of a widowed merchant in the upcoming fairytale movie of Disney in 2017.

Tagged as a “teaser trailer,” the revelation of the character embodying the widely-loved Disney princess was done in a manner that relied on “mystique and subtlety,” hinting that a longer version of the “Beauty and the Beast” trailer is expected to come out as well. As to when it would be, it is something that no one has any knowledge of at this moment.

“Beauty and the Beast” Emma Watson

However, amid the fact that it was only a very short glimpse of Emma Watson’s Belle, fans and critics alike cannot deny the fact that it surely left them in awe and more interested to learn more about the film and how it would probably differ in the original “Beauty and the Beast.”

Based on the newly-released teaser, viewers were first drawn to “slow tracking shots of a magnificently-appointed castle interior succumbing to neglect” before a “jump scare” of a painting with traces of an animal’s claws was shown. As the report suggested, this could be likened to the original film’s introduction. Does this mean that the 2017 version of movie would still adopt the same plot?

“Beauty and the Beast” Movie

According to Screen Rant, the strategy of providing just a limited sneak peek of Belle’s new look via the “Beauty and the Beast” trailer “is sure to run high” following the success of fairy tale-based live-action projects “Maleficent” and “Cinderella.”

In the meantime, Entertainment Online emphasized on some points that caught their attention in the promo video that did not actually show much.

It pointed out that “The whole trailer is a time lapse” as evident by how the film was presented – featuring different cuts of scenes.

Another observation was on the creative way of introducing the new Belle. While some might have expected to see her in her full glory, the 2017 version of the “Beauty and the Beast” trailer did not allow that to happen. Instead, it only showed off her eyes and eyebrows as she discovered the mystical red rose inside a glass container.

“Beauty and the Beast” will hit the US theaters on March 17, 2017.

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