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Beats Unveils The New Solo2 Headphones, Snarkitecture Partnership

Beats Unveils The New Solo2 Headphones, Snarkitecture Partnership


Beats Unveils The New Solo2 Headphones, Snarkitecture Partnership

Beats Unveils The New Solo2 Headphones, Snarkitecture PartnershipBeats was just officially purchased by Apple for $3-billion not more than 48 hours ago but the company has not skipped a beat. The headphone manufacturer has just announced the Solo2 which is second iteration of their popular Solo headphones which, according to the company, sold nearly four units every minute around the world in 2013.

“When you think about Beats you think about iconic design, incredible sound, premium quality, profound comfort and of course, portability; we’ve worked hard to earn this reputation and along with that comes very high
expectations,” said Beats President Luke Wood. “Solo2 delivers on all fronts while finding new frontiers in audio performance to bring the emotion back to music.”

Beats headphones are known to all be bass-heavy but it looks like the company is trying to change that with the Solo2 which, according to the company, now has been changed to provide a more dynamic and wider range of sound as well as enhanced clarity.

The headphone’s design has also been changed and improved with a more round or curved look. The visible screws are now gone and the whole headset is now larger and features a thicker, more curved headband and larger, more contoured ear cups that now pivot for a more “custom-fit”. The ear cups are also made up of new material similar to memory-foam that not only helps dissipate heat but also improve noise isolation.

The Solo2 will be available in a wide range of colors include Black, White, Blue, Gray, and Pink. A Red version of the Solo2 will also be available in partnership with project (RED), a campaign to get companies and individuals to join the fight against AIDS.

The Beats Solo2 headphone is now available for pre-order globally starting now for $199.95 on the Beats by Dre website. The new headphone will start shipping on June 1, 2014 and will be available for sale at authorized retailers along with the Beats website.

Beats also announced a new special edition of their Studio headphone design in partnership with Snarkitecture. The limited edition headphones will feature a purely white and minimalist design as well as Snarkitecture’s signature Pillow furnishing. The Snarkitecture X Beats headphone will be available starting June 9, 2014 on the Beats by Dre website for $600 and only 1000 units of this limited edition headphone will be sold worldwide.

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