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Beats Music Goes to iPad through iOS App Update

Beats Music Goes to iPad through iOS App Update


Beats Music Goes to iPad through iOS App Update

Beats Music Goes to iPad through iOS App UpdateBeats Music has just updated its iOS app. Aside from the usual fixes and modified features, the app update brings about a support for Apple Inc’s popular tablet, the iPad. Thus, Beats Music is now made available to users of the iPad.

This tablet version of the popular music streaming app/site offers the same functionalities as the iPhone version. It can be recalled that Beats Music for iPhone was released to the market in January.

In a blog post, Beats announced that its Beats Music for iPad also comes with the same popular features of the iPhone app. Those include Just for You, Highlights, The Sentence, Activity, Playlists by Genre, and Curators. Additionally, the new tablet app also facilitates searching and finding of playlists, artists, and album tracks.

The playlists can be bookmarked for later uses in the iPad. Beats said that using Beats Music for iPad, users can also change their current profiles, create playlists and share those with others. They can also download music to the tablet and listen to those files anywhere they could get even if there is no available online connection.

Beats Music has arrived on a larger screen. As expected, the app could now be used and enjoyed even if it is in portrait or landscape.

Accompanying contest

The release of Beats Music for iPad also comes with a contest that aims to draw possible users who are interested for a free year-long subscription to this service. Aside from that, the promo is also intending to giveaway a free iPad.

For anyone to join the promo, simply follow the Beats Music’s Twitter account. After that, simply re-tweet the promotional message. This is aimed at drumming up further interest in the new iPad app.

Other interesting features

Interestingly, the latest update of Beats Music also features the option called ‘Find Your Friends,’ which is up for all iOS users. It allows users to find as well as follow their friends and contacts on Twitter on Beats Music.

Moreover, the bigger screen for the app means that there is a possibility that Beats Music for iPad could be an ideal gateway to streaming music within a user’s home. This could be a relevant development especially because over half of the total tablet usage these days is into entertainment apps.   

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