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Beartooth: Walkie-talkie Device For Calling & Texting with No Network Coverage

Beartooth: Walkie-talkie Device For Calling & Texting with No Network Coverage
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Beartooth: Walkie-talkie Device For Calling & Texting with No Network Coverage

The quest for the ultimate device always happens every day, especially during the conferences and events that tech companies and manufacturers gather to showcase their products. Some who have not managed to make it to these certain events, however, grabs the chance to show off their products. One of these is Beartooth, the device that turns a phone into a “walkie-talkie” device when off the grid.

Going off the grid doesn’t mean one has to go into an impossible mission of disappearing and cutting off contact with the rest of the world. It doesn’t even mean that one purposely goes into the wilderness and stay there. While those situations are pretty much unlikely, people do find themselves in an area where the Wi-Fi connection or a cell signal is too low or is faltering.

These kinds of situations is where this new product comes in, the Beartooth. The sleek device is developed by Montana based “Bozeman.” This device provides direct off-grid communications between smartphone devices. Beartooth acts as a transceiver that pairs with the user’s mobile phone using Bluetooth and enables that user to talk to his friends who are also carrying the same sleek transmitter.

The device does this without the need for a Wi-Fi connection or cell coverage. In short, this new device from the Montana tech company turns a user’s smartphone into a texting and push to talk or PTT style walkie-talkie reports Wired. A short video can be watched at the product’s site showing how the device does so and its other uses.

Back Country Magazine adds that the device is designed to also help lost or disoriented people to “geo-reference themselves and their group.” Bozeman’s product can also pinpoint landmarks, send SOS signals and provide users access to offline maps; Probably something like an offline Google Map.

Beartooth CEO Michael Monaghan explains that the device is a unique phone tool that generates its own signal. “Apps will not work when there is no cellular service. What makes our product different is that the Beartooth works completely independent of the network. You can use it in an area with no network coverage.”

The walkie-talkie like device can also serve as a backup battery, according to Gear Junkie. The user can just plug their Beartooth for a recharge while on the woods or when charging is not possible. It is currently available for pre-orders at its site for a sale price of $249 USD a pair.

It is expected that the first batch of units will be shipped later this year. 30 days after today, the price will revert back to the original price which is $399 per pair.

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