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Beach and Beer Come Together Like Never Before Thanks to This Machine [WATCH VIDEO]


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Beach and Beer Come Together Like Never Before Thanks to This Machine [WATCH VIDEO]

In case you don’t know, we are facing an alarming beach catastrophe. That’s because the world is running low on sand with two thirds of the world’s pristine beach sands depleting. That is a big problem indeed and one beer company from New Zealand thought they could do something about it.

DB Breweries: A Company With Big Ideas

DB Breweries is a company known for its grand ideas. It is easily one of the most well-recognized companies in New Zealand. Some may also know that the company happens to be a 100 percent subsidiary of a well-known beer label, Heineken. In the past, the company, through its DB Export business, introduced something known as the DB Export Brewtreleum. Believe it or not, the company has found a way to somehow turn beer into a biofuel. However, the company’s current focus is to help save as many beaches as it can. To help the planet, they came up with a special machine.

Bottles get crushed into sand in just five seconds

Meet the DB Export Beer Bottle Sand machine. It can turn empty bottles of beer into a sand substitute. According to a report from Mashable, the process takes all but five seconds. Let’s drink to that!

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To get the beer bottle crushing started, all you have to do is place your empty bottle into the machine. Once you do this, a laser gets tripped, getting a wheel of small steel hammers to spin at 2,800 rpm. While the bottle is getting smashed into bits, a dual vacuum system will then remove any plastic label or silica dust. This leaves nothing but a pure sand substitute. A single bottle can produce 200 grams of this substance.

There is an ongoing shortage of sand all over the world because more and more are taken from the coastline to help construct various infrastructure projects. These include roads, shopping malls, and other buildings.

You might think there’s more than enough sand to go around in the Sahara. The truth is, though, the sand there is simply too fine to be used for construction. On the other hand, the DB Export’s Beer Bottle Sand closely resembles the substance make-up of natural beach sand. That means it can bind easily and be utilized as a building material.

As for us, we can now do our part in putting sand back on the beaches. All we have to do is enjoy a cold bottle of beer. Cheers!

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