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BBM: Retract And Timer, Privacy Features Are Now Free On Android, IOS And BlackBerry Devices

BBM: Retract And Timer, Privacy Features Are Now Free On Android, IOS And BlackBerry Devices
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BBM: Retract And Timer, Privacy Features Are Now Free On Android, IOS And BlackBerry Devices

Back in 2014, BBM was launched on devices other than BlackBerry phones. This messaging app has been popular among users due to the privacy levels. The only problem was some of the control and privacy features were costing users. But now, BlackBerry has made an official announcement that these paid features will no longer be charged to users.

BlackBerry yesterday announced that iOS, Android, and BlackBerry users now have unlimited access to Retract and Timer, privacy and control features on the messaging app. This update will give ownership to users over what is being shared with other users via the app. People using BBM messaging can now “retract messages and pictures from recipients” they have mistakenly sent or do not wish to make them accessible anymore. On the other hand, with Timer, users can control how long the recipient can view shared pictures, location or messages.

In the announcement post,  Matthew Talbot, SVP, BBM at BlackBerry was quoted saying, “Building on the renowned immediacy, reliability and security inherent to BBM, the new release provides unmatched level of privacy and control to BBM users without any subscription fees. Keeping control over the messages and content that they share, BBM users can be ensured that what they share is always theirs to control.” To use the new unlimited service, you may need to end the previous subscription. On different platforms, you will have different procedures to follow. As per BlackBerry’s official blog, here is how to end/cancel the subscription:

  • On iOS: Do not renew your subscription, that’s it
  • On Android: On the Google Play Store, tap on the menu button and go to My Account > Subscriptions > cancel
  • BlackBerry 10: On BlackBerry World, go to My World > Subscriptions > Cancel

So, cancel your BBM subscription today and get access to unlimited, free privacy and control features.

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