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BBM for iOS and Android Set for Release in Just a Few Days

BBM for iOS and Android Set for Release in Just a Few Days


BBM for iOS and Android Set for Release in Just a Few Days

BBM for iOS and Android Set for Release in Just a Few DaysBlackBerry Ltd is back on track in terms of the timetable for the release of its BlackBerry Messenger versions for iOS and Android devices. The company has already confirmed that the official releases of both apps could be ‘within days.’

BBM for iOS and Android were originally set for September 21 to September 22 release dates. But as well all know, BlackBerry suddenly decided to postpone the initiative. That was because an incomplete version of its BBM for Android was leaked across the Internet just a few hours prior to the scheduled official launch.

Blackberry explains

This time, the company also explained in more detail the reason behind its sudden decision to delay the launches. According to BBM, over 1.1 million users downloaded the incomplete and unofficial BBM for Android program within just eight hours.

While the Canadian smartphone maker was flattered by the initial public response to that release, it regretted that the fake version resulted to huge data traffic orders that affected the system overall in unusual ways. The company said it thought it was necessary to first block all users of the unofficial version if it had to go on with the original planned launch.

It had to postpone the launch to possibly get the unofficial version out of circulation. BlackBerry clarified that it was not an easy task although it seemed simple. It admitted that the action would take time. On the other hand, those who have already downloaded BBM for iOS were allowed to continue using the app. But the software would still be launched along with its Android counterpart.

Free apps

BlackBerry had advised its followers to register for notification about the possible new timetable for the apps. As of October 15, up to six million users have pre-registered for BMM for iOS and Android. This may mean that both versions of the program are still widely anticipated worldwide.

BBM versions for iOS and Android are expected to carry on many features that are inherent on BlackBerry devices. Those include the ability to send SMS as well as voice messages. Many former BBM users have already expressed their delight to use the service again.

Both versions of the program would be available free of charge. The apps would be posted on Apple Inc’s App Store and Google Inc’s Google Play once those are officially released, which would be soon.

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