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BB 8 Toy To Hit Market On September 4 ‘Force Friday’

BB 8 Toy To Hit Market On September 4 ‘Force Friday’
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BB 8 Toy To Hit Market On September 4 ‘Force Friday’

Star Wars BB-8 toy, which is about to hit the market today, would be the most expected Christmas gift by children. The robotic BB-8 toy is designed like one of the characters in the upcoming Star Wars sequel.

BB-8 droid created by Sphero for Lucasfilm is sold starting today at $149.99, reported Vanity Fair. The BB-8 toy gained attention by being shown in the Star Wars 5 -The Force Awakens trailer played over and over in the media.

BB-8 droid, the most anticipated toy, features a spherical head that stays balanced on a rotating ball. The toy is designed to respond to voice commands and is controlled by a smartphone or a tablet.

The toy is priced way higher than its other robotic counterparts in the market and is expected to reap millions for developers this Christmas eve. Toy developers were keen on bringing the product into the market today the “Force Friday” just as planned months back.

The license for making toy was obtained by Sphero from Star Wars back in November. Since then Sphero has been working rigorously for 10 months to bring the toy into the stores, according to Wired. The BB-8 droid is created to mimic the character in the movie and is expected to convince the fans in real time.

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