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Bayer-Monsanto Merger: War Looms As War Experts Unite, Report

Bayer-Monsanto Merger: War Looms As War Experts Unite, Report
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Bayer-Monsanto Merger: War Looms As War Experts Unite, Report

U.S. seed giant Monsanto will be undergoing a quick merger with Germany’s Bayer, while experts are saying it means one step closer to WW3. The Bayer-Monsanto merger will act as the largest takeover declared so far this year.

WW3: Bayer-Monsanto Merger

According to CNN Money, Germany’s Bayer has been investing a lot of money to get the deal done. Its bid for the U.S. seed giant is holding a valuation of $66 billion, including debt. However, the publication noted that this will be the third time Bayer initiated the offer. But this time, it was enough to win the support of Monsanto’s board.

If the merger occurs, it would turn into a gigantic conglomerate, which would span around pharmaceuticals, health products, and pesticides.

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The bid that sealed the merger cost $128 per Monsanto share. This will place the value of the U.S. company’s equity at about $56 billion, while Bayer will be acquiring about $10 billion in debt. However, in the case of regulators killing the transaction, Bayer agreed to pay $2 billion to Monsanto.

It was noted earlier by CNN that another huge merger, the $130 billion deal between Dow and DuPont, was under investigation by Europe’s biggest antitrust watchdog. Reports of a giant state-owned Chinese chemical company’s deal to pay $43 billion for seed and pesticide firm Syngenta came out in February.

Although the transaction surpassed a major regulatory hurdle in the U.S. last month, it still has a set of global antitrust reviews to get through.

WW3: The Looming Danger

Global Research reported that both Monsanto and Bayer have been a part of the Poison Cartel of IG Farben. The report said the controlling stakes of both corporations were placed with the same private equity firms.

Dr. Vandana Shiva, an award-winning writer, noted that India is filled with synthesized controversy created by Monsanto on the first GM crop, which was allegedly-approved for commercialization in the country.

“Engaged in litigation on many fronts, Monsanto is trying to subvert our Patent Law, our Plant Variety and Farmers Rights Act, our Essential Commodities Act , our Anti Monopoly Act (Competition Act),” Shiva wrote.

“It is behaving as if there is no Parliament, no Democracy, no Sovereign Laws in India to which it is subject. Or, it simply does not have any regard for them.”

WW3: The Murky History

Moving deep into the allegedly shady affairs of the companies, it was reported that the “expertise of these companies are those of war.” IG Farben was Adolf Hitler’s major economic power.

IG Farben also served as pre-war Germany’s biggest foreign exchange earner and was also a foreign intelligence operation. The topmost lieutenants of IG Farben, including Herman Shmitz, Max Ilgner, Rudolph Ilgner, Max Warburg, Carl Bosch, Fritz ter Meer, Kurt Oppenheim and George von Schnitzler, were alleged to be war criminals after World War II.

Monsanto and Bayer had a long history. They made explosives and lethally poisonous gases, sharing technologies with each other, selling them to both sides in both World Wars.

It doesn’t stop there. The Farben family chemical cartel was responsible for genocides inside concentration camps, as well as scientific experiments.

Both Allied Powers and the Axis Powers bought war chemicals from the same manufacturers. And shockingly, they bought these weapons with money borrowed from the federated reserve bank started by Paul Warburg in the U.S.

The ingredients for Agent Orange (defoliants and herbicides) were sprayed in gallons over South Vietnam. The aftermath of the attack was observed after children were found stillborn and with defects, while adults had chronic illness and cancer.

While dirty bombs and genocides at concentration camps had come into light, Monsanto-Bayer’s current way of extermination is efficient and silent. According to reports, they never wanted to produce seeds but primarily wanted to gain control of seed ownership.

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