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Bay Area Sex Scandal: Photos Of Teen Prostitute, Celeste Guap, Who Had Sex With ‘More Than 30’ Officers

Bay Area Sex Scandal: Photos Of Teen Prostitute, Celeste Guap, Who Had Sex With ‘More Than 30’ Officers
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Bay Area Sex Scandal: Photos Of Teen Prostitute, Celeste Guap, Who Had Sex With ‘More Than 30’ Officers

The Oakland police sex scandal is getting more and more shocking, with officers, sergeants and captains under scrutiny of having sex with a prostitute.

Many of these incidents occurred when the girl in question was a minor.

The girl, who asked to be identified as her alias Celeste Guap, said she had sex with as many as 30 local officers, including four when she was a minor.

As reported by SF Gate, Guap said the four officers she had sex with before she turned 18 years old included three Oakland police officers and one Contra Costa County sheriff’s deputy.

Guap’s Facebook profile can be viewed here.

One of the three Oakland officers, Brendan O’Brien, committed suicide in September last year. This was after he received a screenshot of a message, which contained the details of his affair with Guap sent to a Oakland police sergeant.

O’Brien left behind a note that named Guap and three other Oakland officers who were in alleged sexual relationships with Guap.

Guap said she came into contact with the officers either through law enforcement circles or social media, or she met them on the streets. Some of the officers paid her, she said. She had sex “about 10 times” while she was a minor.

As reported by ABC 7, Guap admitted that she was involved in sexual relationships with officers belonging to seven police agencies. She also had sexually explicit chats with 15 other officers.

Guap said she will not be disclosing the identity of a few officers. Some of these included those who gave her information regarding either her or her friends. However, it is not clear whether she will be protecting those officers. It has also not been determined how much the officers involved knew about Guap or her history.

Internal investigations are being conducted by Oakland, Richmond, Livermore police and Contra Costa County Sheriff’s office. In a statement, the Contra Costa Sheriff’s office said, “Although this case involved one deputy out of the over 1,000 Sherriff’s Office employees, we will not tolerate even a single breach of the public trust we work so hard to earn.”

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