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‘Battlefield 1’ Xbox One Release Date Confirmed; Maps & Modes Revealed

‘Battlefield 1’ Xbox One Release Date Confirmed; Maps & Modes Revealed
Battlefield 1 DICE


‘Battlefield 1’ Xbox One Release Date Confirmed; Maps & Modes Revealed

EA is probably the most successive studio this year in E3, since Battlefield 1 currently holds the top spot in the hype-board. While its release date for PS4 and PC is set on October 21 this year, Microsoft managed to bag an early release for Xbox One.

Battlefield 1 a WW1 FPS game

According to Polygon, the Xbox One community will be able to play Battlefield 1 on Oct 13 via the EA Access program. Although it’s frustrating for PS4 & PC users to know that Xbox has the upper hand, some of us expected this move when the game’s multiplayer demo was played on Xbox One during E3.

In other news, the first set of Battlefield 1 maps and modes have been released, according to PC Gamer. First up is Amiens, site of the battle between the British and the Germans. The environment will be filled with deconstructed bridges and railways due to bombing.

If you watched the live stream, you are now familiar with the St. Quentin Scar map, an ideal location for all sorts of battle, especially aerial attacks. The next map will be nostalgic, as it resembles Damavand Peak from Battlefield 3. Monte Grappa is an uphill map, but instead of troops and land vehicles battling it out, zeppelins will become the gamechanger.

The last map on the list is none other than Empire’s Edge, set in Italy on the Adriatic coast. The location may seem beautiful, though it is just as war-torn as the others.

We are still hoping more announcements from Battlefield 1. We currently know that Conquest and Domination will be arriving on the initial release. While we are all aware of Conquest, the other mod has been teased to include personal close-up combat.

Moreover, the modes have been created keeping WWI scenario in mind. Instead of capturing points, we will be pushing the frontlines with the troop till we conquer the map.

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