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‘Battlefield 1’ Possibly Set To Disappoint

‘Battlefield 1’ Possibly Set To Disappoint
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‘Battlefield 1’ Possibly Set To Disappoint

EA did a remarkable job strategically placing the Battlefield 1 launch trailer after the release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer. In fact, fans and online journalists valiantly announced Battlefield 1 as the winner thanks to YouTube’s like/dislike system. But it seems we were blindsided as we look into the setbacks BF1 has already shown us through the trailer.

Upon first looks, fans were intimidated to find out if the story was based on an alternate war history or on true WW1 events. EA soon announced that the story is accurate to WW1 war events. But is it, really?

Before you decide to check out the BF1 trailer, YouTube channel The Great War (by writer and host Indy Neidell) has already done a historical analysis, and the 14:44-long trailer does a wonderful job in pointing out a few flaws.

Neidell’s analysis begins from the initial scene, where a German soldier bashes a fallen soldier’s face with a close-combat weapon. He identifies a few parts on the solider’s equipment, accessories, and clothing, which could be deemed as “flaws.”

At 9:12, Neidell points out an error in Germany’s body armor, to which he described as “ridiculous,” since the armors in reality were heavier than shown in the game. But the so-called mistakes could easily be fixed before the game’s release. If EA is able to keep their heads high after the release, the “Seven Nation Army” soundtrack in the trailer might be the only flaw in terms of historical accuracy (hilariously pointed out by Kotaku writer Mike Fahey).

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to release on October 21 this year. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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