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‘Battlefield 1’ New Gameplay Trailer, Concept Art Teases WW1

‘Battlefield 1’ New Gameplay Trailer, Concept Art Teases WW1
Battlefield 1 DICE


‘Battlefield 1’ New Gameplay Trailer, Concept Art Teases WW1

Square Enix has released its trailer for the Final Fanatasy XII PS4 remaster. Now, EA has released new Battlefield 1 footage to heighten audience expectations for E3. The trailer reveals glimpses of the gameplay in a war-torn field and a somewhat cinematic look of a solider running towards his enemy for a close-combat fight.

Battlefield 1 trailer reveals new WWI weapon

The trailer is actually a 15-second teaser to get the FPS community riled up. The teaser contains a lot of features. Fortunately, you don’t have to go back and watch it again and again. YouTuber Flakfire has already analyzed the teaser and revealed to us many of the game’s “secret” features.

For starters, the short gameplay sneak peek of a solider firing at his enemy. The weapon is an MG 15 machine gun. The solider carrying a close range combat weapon has a trench club, and he’s either a British or American solider, according Flakfire (watch the video below for more details).

In other news, VG 24/7 has shared a gallery of Battlefield 1 concept art. The images show us high-quality battle sequences in fighter jets and soldiers in classic armors. Click here to take a look.

Battlefield 1 will be releasing a new trailer on June 12. A lucky few will be able to experience the 64-player multiplayer game at E3 (NOTE: players will be using the Xbox One).  However, the event will also be streamed live, so check out our earlier reports to know how you can watch players immerse themselves in a WWI environment.

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