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‘Battlefield 1’ Guides And Tricks: Here’s How To Play As A Pigeon

‘Battlefield 1’ Guides And Tricks: Here’s How To Play As A Pigeon
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‘Battlefield 1’ Guides And Tricks: Here’s How To Play As A Pigeon

The single-player mode of Battlefield 1 includes a story mission that lets players sail over the trenches as a pigeon. The unique viewing angle literally presents a bird’s eye view of the carnage caused by the Great War.

One of the game’s five story missions entitled Through Mud and Blood spotlights the Battle of Cambria in 1918. Players assume the role of a reluctant tank operator named Edwards.

There’s a sequence where Edwards and his crew are trapped in mud. Their only way out is to signal for help via a messenger pigeon.

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According to Heather Alexandra of Kotaku, players briefly control the pigeon as it glides over the scorched earth. The scene adds emotional substance to a game that is mostly hyped for its visuals and over the top action.

“The cynic in me wants to dismiss the sequence as overly maudlin but it feels suitably affective in the moment,” she said. “It remains to be seen how the rest of the campaign composes itself but this bird’s eye view of the war was definitely memorable.”

In Battlefield 1, players fight with clubs, sabres, mustard gas, flamethrowers and bolt-action rifles. They can also take control or armored trucks, tanks, biplanes as well as battleships.

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The game’s multiplayer mode features eight distinct classes. These are Assault, Elite, Scout, Support, Tanker, Pilot, Cavalry and Medic. Each class has its fair share of perks and limitations.

Xbox One and PC owners who subscribed to EA/Origin Access are now enjoying a ten-hour trial of Battlefield 1. Fans who pre-order the game’s more expensive Early Enlister version can start playing on October 18, as per Game Spot.

The regular version will release worldwide for PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 21. Retail price is $60. Those who pre-order the base game will receive the Hellfighter pack, a collection of themed items inspired by the iconic Harlem Hellfighter infantry regiment.

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