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Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer & multiplayer analysis predicts system requirements

Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer & multiplayer analysis predicts system requirements
Battlefield 1 DICE


Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer & multiplayer analysis predicts system requirements

EA caught the attention of audiences until the very end of the press conference at E3, as they unveiled the new Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer. While the initial cinematic trailer fascinated every FPS gamers, the first detailed look at its World War I environment has people aching for its release.

Battlefield 1 would require a state-of-the-art PC for better experience

The analysis of Battlefield 1’s 2:00 minute trailer and the multiplayer gameplay unveiled various details to us. First, the E3 trailer is a combination of cinematic and gameplay footage. Although we didn’t catch a lot of in-game actions, as pointed out by The Verge, it revealed various weapons and WWI vehicles like motorcycles, blimps, horses, biplanes and tanks.

The first look at Battlefield 1 64 player multiplayer was a visual treat to fans all over the world, but it didn’t end there. It’s worth pointing out that the in-game footage revealed Battlefield 1’s background sound, weapon recoil and gunshot effects to be aesthetically engineered and are far better than Battlefield: Hardline.

Most of the fans unfortunately missed out the live stream of Battlefield 1 multiplayer, but Eurogamer have uploaded the recorded 45 minute footage of its gameplay. Before we immerse ourselves in its gameplay and its conquest mode, we can observe the taxing environment for PC gamers. The weather seems to be dynamic filled with fog, smoke and rain, indicating the priority of volumetric effects in the game.

If you have been following early EA reports on Battlefield 1, you already know the multiplayer game was played on Xbox One. Although we did not get feedback from gamers who experienced the multiplayer game at E3, the video seems to stutter at taxing situation involving explosions, heavy firing by tanks and change in environment.

However, there’s a chance it was just an effect of video processing during the event.  The dynamic sequences throughout the demonstration are also technically right, as the extreme amount of incendiary fires would affect the weather.

We believe the consoles may struggle at meeting the 30 FPS target. But, let’s hope we are wrong. In case of PC, the game is definitely better than COD’s war scenarios (visual). But the question is, can we run it? In our earlier report, we got our hands on a predicted system requirement. Click here to check it out.

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