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Battlefield 1 Download, June 12 Gamers’ Trial, Beta Release & October Release Date Confirmed!

Battlefield 1 Download, June 12 Gamers’ Trial, Beta Release & October Release Date Confirmed!
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Battlefield 1 Download, June 12 Gamers’ Trial, Beta Release & October Release Date Confirmed!

Earlier today EA announced the much anticipated game of the year, Battlefield 1, the 1:19 minute trailer has already convinced fans that developer DICE has an action packed war experience far better than Call of Duty. During the world premiere presentation, the developers delivered detailed information on Battlefield 1; this is everything we know as of now.

It’s scheduled to release on October 21st, 2016

EA has confirmed that the game will be releasing this fall, rivaling with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. While COD takes on a futuristic story, Battlefield 1 takes us through a world of history.

Lucky Few Can Try Out the Game on June 12

In the official press release of Battlefield website, EA confirmed that the gamers attending EA play on June 12 in Los Angeles and London will be unveiled to the first looks of BF gameplay. Moreover, the event is also hosting a platform for gamers to try out the game during the event.

Early Access of Battlefield 1 Beta 

Before you sulk in for living in a different region, EA play isn’t your only chance for an early peak at the game. Through EA and Origin Access, members will be provided a downloadable beta version for a limited time. The beta will offer a few maps and the multiplayer arena.

The game is based on true historical events, No fantasy

While some glimpses like the ‘zeppelin backdrop’ from the trailer might give you the wrong idea that the game’s story involves an alternate history, EA has confirmed that the game is truly based on events from WWI. So Yes, the zeppelin bomb raids by German was a true incident.

Battlefield 1 title is no joke, it’s going to stay.

Although many fans were confused and rather disappointed with the title, Battlefield 1942 was named accordingly to the real world conflict that it portrayed in the story. Battlefield 1‘s title is also linked to its portrayal of conflicts modern age. The Verge believes experimenting with the branding (title name) is a risk most publishers wouldn’t mess with. It’s a shocker that EA is willing to go all the way with its new title.

EA confirmed Single Player campaign mode

The developers decided to stay mum about this one. However, they confirmed the inclusion of a campaign story in the game during the press brief. But, the franchise has always been complimented for its multiplayer mode.

Interacting with horses as vehicles

Riding Russian tanks, army bikes, fighter jets, choppers and now horses! This could be one of the most exciting living vehicles that game decided to introduce in Battlefield 1. EA Berlin said, in support of WWI attire, “you can bring a horse to a tank fight.”

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