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Battlefield 1 DLC: Know More About The French Army from First Expansion Pack

Battlefield 1 DLC: Know More About The French Army from First Expansion Pack
Battlefield 1 DICE


Battlefield 1 DLC: Know More About The French Army from First Expansion Pack

Details regarding the first Battlefield 1 DLC are already circulating well over a month before its release. We now know that the French army will be the first to be added to the game via downloadable content.

Dubbed “They Shall Not Pass,” the expansion is set to be released on March 2017. Aside from the name and main content, other details about the expansion are either vague or unavailable.

According to Heavy, it is still safe to assume that the expansion will include new maps, weapons, vehicles, and character models. While previous incarnations of the game never saw entire armies released in the expansion, the sheer magnitude of the game made EA DICE decide otherwise.

Battlefield 1 DLC: More Armies, More Fun

Other than the French army in the Battlefield 1 DLC, it seems the Russian army will also make its way into the game. But before you get all red with Soviet pride, remember the game is set in WW1 just before the Communist Revolution.

An excerpt from In the “New frontline battles” in the official Origins page says the a future expansion will introduce the army of the Russian Empire. Since future is such a vague term, it is possible that the “They Shall Not Pass” expansion might bring 2 armies instead of one.

A quick look into history of World War 1 shows that the Central Powers never really got through to the heart of either France or Russia. The expansion’s name could be a play at this historical fact.

Upon release, the armies of United States, Britain, Germany, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire, and Italy will be available. Players can also get two weeks early access to all 16 DLC maps, 20 new weapons, 14 Battlepacks, and 14 different dog tags with a Premium Pass for just $49.

It is still a long wait for the Battlefield 1 DLC so the French army might just have to sit the first few battles out. The Open Beta will go live on August 31 with the general release set for October 21, 2016 on the PS4, Xbox One, PC.

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