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Baton Rouge Shooting: Suspect Gavin Eugene Long, Photos & Facts About Him

Baton Rouge Shooting: Suspect Gavin Eugene Long, Photos & Facts About Him
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Baton Rouge Shooting: Suspect Gavin Eugene Long, Photos & Facts About Him

The man that had gone on a shooting rampage and killed three police officers has been identified by the Baton Rouge Police Department as Gavin Eugene Long.

Long was the lone gunman killed in a police shootout. Before he shot police officers and injured several others, Long lived under a pseudonym and was an author of several books. He was also a former member of the United States Marine Corps.

To say that Long was an ego-centric man is an understatement. He used the name Cosmo Setenpra and promoted himself as a life coach, nutritionist, dietician, author and spiritual advisor. When he was 16, he reportedly educated himself about fitness, diet and nutrition, so much so that he managed to lose 80 pounds in six months. From then on, it seems Long was convinced he was destined for big things.

In a video he posted before going on the shooting spree, Long made it clear it was his book tour that led him to Dallas, and that he was already in the area before the shootings took place. In a way, he said he was spiritually led there, and he was meant to be there following the shooting.

“The spiritual was just telling me it was the right place to come,” he said.

For a while, Long was said to have undertaken a long spiritual journey in Africa. He had gone to Kenya, Rwaynda, Tanziania, Ugganda, Ghana, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso. He spent time in Egypt and was said to have received training from native spiritual practitioners and holistic healers in Africa.

Before going on spiritual quest, though, Long was in the middle of getting a degree at the Clark Atlanta University. He was a good student who made it to the dean’s list. His spiritual revelation would lead him to drop out of school, sell his two cars, and give away his possessions before making his way to Africa.

Before Africa or college happened, Long was a U.S. Marine who managed to earn the Sergeant (E-5) in less than three years. During his time at the military, Long was said to be “one of the Corps most physically fit,” according to Long’s profile.

Long did a tour in Iraq and two years in Japan. Overall, he served in the Marines for a total of five years. On Amazon, Long is said to be the author of two books, “The Cosmo Way” and “The Laws of the Cosmos – Wisely Follow or Blindly Suffer.”

In recent days, Long remarked, “More white people believe in ghost than believe in racism.” He also posted a video of him promoting his book and sending a message to a black neighborhood.

Meanwhile, before he started shooting police officers, Long put out a final message on Twitter saying, “Just bc you wake up every morning doesn’t mean that you’re living. And just bc you shed your physical body doesn’t mean that you’re dead.”



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