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Baton Rouge: Montrell Jackson’s Words Before Death Will Have You In Tears

Baton Rouge: Montrell Jackson’s Words Before Death Will Have You In Tears
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Baton Rouge: Montrell Jackson’s Words Before Death Will Have You In Tears

Baton Rouge policeman Montrell Jackson has been identified as one of the three officers who were killed in a shootout on Sunday morning.

Montrell, who once tried to rescue a child from a burning building, had been married in the last few years and had recently become a father. The death of the 10-year veteran of the Police Department was announced by a cousin and family friend. Three other officers were also wounded in the incident.

Joycelyn Jackson, his sister, described Montrell as “a wonderful person.” She said she understands the discrimination and disparity that has brought about the Black Lives Matter movement, but “God gives nobody the right to kill and take another person’s life.”

“It’s coming to the point where no lives matter, whether you’re black or white or Hispanic or whatever,” she said, as reported by the Washington Post.

On July 8, Montrell wrote an emotional and heart warming Facebook post, saying he was “tired physically and emotionally.”

“I swear to God I love this city but I wonder if this city loves me,” he wrote. “In uniform I get nasty hateful looks and out of uniform some consider me a threat…These are trying times. Please don’t let hate infect your heart. This city MUST and WILL get better.”

The post can be read towards the bottom of the story.

In 2007, Montrell sustained injuries when he was trying to rescue a child from a burning building. The incident, which occurred at the Newport Villa apartment complex, involved a mother who had been able to save one of her children but another remained trapped inside, as reported by the Advocate.

Although Montrell and other responding officers tried to save the child using fire extinguishers, the blaze was too strong. Montrell and the other officers were treated by the medics for smoke inhalation.

Joycelyn, who described her brother as “outgoing” and “kind,” said she was never worried about him until the recent shootings that followed the death of Alton Sterling this month.

“If I could say anything to anyone, it is to get their lives right with God,” she said. “Hell is a horrible, horrible place to be.”

Montrell has been referred to as a hero in a “time of uncertainty and imminent danger” on a GoFundMe page. “Words cannot describe the devastation that we feel right now,” the page says. “Rest in Peace, Montrell, you will always be our Hero.”

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