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‘Batman V Superman’ TV Spot Unleashes Debates Again: Is Ben Affleck ‘Fit’ To Be Batman?

‘Batman V Superman’ TV Spot Unleashes Debates Again: Is Ben Affleck ‘Fit’ To Be Batman?
Ben Affleck & Henry Cavill Gage Skidmore/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


‘Batman V Superman’ TV Spot Unleashes Debates Again: Is Ben Affleck ‘Fit’ To Be Batman?

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. releases Zack Snyder’s superhero film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” brand new and explosive TV spot.

The new footage shows Bruce Wayne running through Metropolis as Superman and super villain General Zod tear it apart. It also shows some awesome extended scenes of Batman and Superman fighting. But aside from the fighting, the footage revealed some interesting mechanics between two important characters in the film.

As noted by Collider the footage is a nice preview of what will hopefully be a charismatic relationship between Batman/Bruce Wayne and his personal aid Alfred. The video footage opens with a promising “focus on levity” the website further noted. With Alfred portrayed by Jeremy Irons, there is a particularly amusing element as he advised Batman (Ben Affleck) to think about the dangerous nature of chasing bad guys. It goes back yet again to the never-ending question whether Affleck is really fit to play Batman – age wise. And then back again to the question that is almost always time immemorial: How can a human, “Batman”, defend an “alien,” “Superman” who has superpowers?

Snyder has the answer: Batman can plan ahead and these plans come with wisdom he gained with his age. In one scene for example, in a fight between Batman and Superman in an abandoned stockyard, Batman had already went in the place and planted traps against Superman. “When he throws Superman, the spear is right there. So you’re like, wait a minute, did he [plan] every bit? He know every move?” the director told Entertainment Weekly.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cast includes Amy Adams (American Hustle), Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious 6), the American actor, author and playwright Jesse Eisenberg, Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix), Scoot McNairy (Monsters), Diane Lane, and the actress who plays Ada McGrath in The Piano film – Holly Hunter.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is slated to fire up in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D on March 25.

On March 25th, two heroes collide. Get tickets for #BatmanvSuperman now:

Posted by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on Sunday, March 6, 2016

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