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‘Batman V Superman’ Flop: Warner Bros Employees React!

‘Batman V Superman’ Flop: Warner Bros Employees React!
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‘Batman V Superman’ Flop: Warner Bros Employees React!

It looks like the downfall of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was more unexpected than what fans thought. Moreover, it was revealed that Warner Bros. expected the movie to earn over $1 billion at the box office; it fell short at $827.7 million.

Since then, DCEU and Warner Bros. have been facing heat from the media as it failed to rival against Marvel. Furthermore, it was reported that employees have fired back at Warner Bros. in a letter allegedly written by an ex-worker posted on Pajiba.

A recent interview by the Wall Street Journal with DC Comics COO and President Geoff Johns revealed the aftermath of Batman V Superman’s failure when it comes appealing to fans and critics. The comic book writer spoke about future plans for upcoming DC films as well.

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According to WSJ, the downfall of Batman V Superman led to the hiring Johns and Jon Berg to strategically control upcoming DC titles.

It has been revealed that Justice League has gone through changes by Geoff Johns and Jon Berg based on the audience reaction to Batman v Superman. It looks like Johns made some rewrites to Zack Snyder’s script as well.

Fortunately, Warner Bros. and DCEU are able to stay afloat thanks to the success of Suicide Squad. The movie is currently expected to end at $720 million at the box office worldwide.

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