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Batman V Superman: Darkseid Types Of Parademon Armymen Revealed

Batman V Superman: Darkseid Types Of Parademon Armymen Revealed
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Batman V Superman: Darkseid Types Of Parademon Armymen Revealed

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. teased the arrival of Darkseid to planet Earth for an all-out invasion. Furthermore, the movie also revealed Apokolips’ army of Parademons.

In Bruce Wayne’s dream sequence from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the viewers witnessed a post-apocalyptic world invaded by Darkseid and his army. Adding to that, the long sequence gave us a small fight scene involving Batman, Superman’s army, and the Parademons.

While fans already know that the Justice League movie will feature a horde of Parademons to fight our superheroes, a new finding has revealed two types of armies under Darkseid.

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A fan pointed out that “there’s (at least) 2 distinct types of Parademons in BvS” via a recent tweet. The user believes that one of them is a “bulkier Solider Parademons,” and the other is a “thinner Worker Parademons.” Fans can check out his tweet below.

Since then, the new finding has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit. In the DC Comics, the Parademons, with the ability to fly, were shown abducting people during their invasion. Furthermore, there were also other Parademons fighting against the Justice League.

Currently, it is unknown whether Darkseid will lead the army in Justice League. So far, Steppenwolf, the Commander of Darkseid’s army, has been confirmed to be the villain in the film. More details are expected to be revealed soon.

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Justice League is currently under the direction of Zack Snyder. The movie will be released on November 17, 2017.

The production crew recently wrapped up shooting of the movie in London. The filming will soon continue in Iceland.

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