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Batman Suit Possibly Copied From Watchmen, Parademons Attack Bruce Wayne And More

Batman Suit Possibly Copied From Watchmen, Parademons Attack Bruce Wayne And More
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Batman Suit Possibly Copied From Watchmen, Parademons Attack Bruce Wayne And More

In June, Zack Snyder revealed details on the Batman suit in Justice League. It was confirmed that Bruce Wayne will be wearing a tactical suit to help him fight against the Parademons.

Recently, the director shared an image of Ben Affleck in the new tactical suit. The picture was shared on Twitter, so fans can check it out below.

While fans are excited to get a first look at the new costume, some of Snyder’s followers are disappointed. The photo reveals Bruce Wayne wearing an eye gear, and the rest of the suit have been modified similar to another DC superhero.

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Fans started to point out similarities of the new suit with that of Nite Owl from Watchmen. Take a look at the side-by-side comparison in the image below.

While some are spewing hate for the tactical suit, most of the responses have been positive. Furthermore, a credible journalist recently provided insights on the costume as well.

Umberto Gonzalez tweeted, “If you got knocked out by Parademons, you too would make a tactical Batsuit.” Furthermore, Gonzalez said that “it looks dope” and asked fans to “Stop hating.” Check out the tweet below.

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It was also revealed that Ezra Miller’s Flash will be receiving a new suit in Justice League. Furthermore, it will be designed by Bruce Wayne himself.

While fans are distracted by the first look at the “new Tactical Batsuit,” Snyder announced the last day of filming using the new costume.

The Justice League crew will be traveling to Iceland for filming. Moreover, Ben Affleck is part of the filming. It looks like Batman won’t be seen wearing the new costume throughout the movie.

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